Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

AcuHand Liquid Sanitizer is formulated and manufactured with surgical Grade Alcohol and the highest quality moisturizers, giving you the highest kill rate, while maintaining the moisture in your skin.

Organic Hand Sanitizer

OrganiSan H Hand Sanitizer is a C4L Technology non-alcohol-based hand Sanitizer consisting of a carefully formulated flavanoids and CERES certified organic compliant processes.

Surface Sanitizer

OrganiSan M is a C4L Technology based Mask Sanitizer. This product stays active for 72hrs post application to your mask and inhibits the virus to prevent cross contamination.

Organic Surface Sanitizer

Organic Fresh General Sanitizer is a C4L Technology based Sanitizer consisting of a carefully formulated flavonoids and extracts against viruses.

Misting Sanitizing Tunnel

These tunnels are designed to treat people and prevent cross contamination of Covid19 Virus. Only Organic Fresh is used in all our tunnels, which is non toxic to all humans.

Organic Hand Sanitizer

Organic Fresh Human Sanitizer is a C4L Technology based Sanitizer that is 100% proven Non-Toxic to humans in every aspect including inhalation and skin contact.

Surface Sanitizer

Chemitol 100b is a log 5 reduction surface sanitizer that comes with NCRS registration as well as SABS and Intertek certification. Only to be used for hard surfaces, NOT FOR HUMANS

AcuWipes Dura Chem Multipurpose disinfectant wipes

AcuWipes Dura Chem Multipurpose Disinfectant Wipes for surfaces as well trolleys and hands is also SGS and EN1276 approved and contains benzalkonium chloride as the active ingredient

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